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How The Best Natural Bodybuilding Supplements Will Make You Stand Our From The Crowd – Physically!


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Why Use Natural Bodybuilding Supplements?

If you’re looking to build serious muscle that is permanent (not here today, and gone tomorrow) then you must fuel your body with the best natural bodybuilding supplements you can get your biceps around. There is a huge difference between natural supplements and their chemical counterparts that you should know about.


Chemical Supplements

These can most definitely get you built and ripped faster than hot dogs are woofed down at the annual hot dog eating contest. The huge problem with this is that you health (and muscle growth) may take a huge hit in the long run. If you are tempted to take any steroids to win a contest, then at least use the safer steroid alternatives, that I would only recommend on a short term basis. Steroids and other chemical supplements actually help your body recover faster and lose excess bodyfat which some bodybuilders use before a contest or a photo shoot. Remember to cycle them if you use them because once you stop taking them, your body may shrink to smaller than it was before. Not only that but your connective tissues do not grow and recover at the same pace, making injuries very common. And when you’re injured you shrink! That’s why I recommend the natural approach for long term health and bodybuilding gains.


Natural Muscle Building Supplements

Going natural, and preferably organic is much better for the now and for the tomorrow’s. These supplements will strengthen your body with no “weak links” from chemicals. The energy from these products (as seen under a darkfield microscope) will show a much higher level of photon emissions (live energy value). What this really means is that it will not only raise your energy level, build quality muscle that will last, it will also rejuvenate every other cell in your body (by raising their energy).


The bottom line is that you’ll not only look much better, you’ll feel and perform much better when you need to!


Natural Bodybuilding Products For Growth

Take a look at these natural bodybuilding products and use them for a high energy, high net muscle gain, and overall muscle enhancing and fat burning experience:


Pre-Workout – Mind/Body/Spirit Muscle Activation System (30-45 Minutes before workout or contest)

What I do is use some Ziploc bags or vitamin containers and add the capsules/tablets for each days workout. This makes it easy in the long run to grab and go. Combine the protein, creatine, nitric oxide and maca into a blender or shaker bottle. Add 12 ounces of ionized water (this is electrically energized alkaline water full of electrolytes and antioxidants) or juice and shake for a minute, blend for 20 seconds. This mix will get you past a lot of the big boys in the gym or your competition!

Natural Muscle Building Supplements for Recovery

Post-Workout Recovery and Growth Phase

  • 3-5 Grams L-Glutamine Powder or Glutamine Caps (immediately after workout – Burst of Natural Growth Hormone)
  • Wait 30 minutes (Glutamine competes with aminos and Nitric Oxide for Muscle Receptors)
  • Use the sauna or steam room for muscle recovery) then;
  • 1 Scoop  Organic Hemp Protein (Best Source of Organic Protein in the World)
  • 1 Scoop Greens & Whey Protein (Powerful protein source with natural aerobic/anaerobic activators)
  • 4 Grams Micronized Creatine (Boosts ATP Muscular Energy Cycle)
  • 3-5 Grams Nitric Oxide (Amino Acid Growth Factor and Muscle Contractor)
  • 1 Scoop Gelatinized Maca (Adrenal Gland Activator – Androgenic Energy)
  • 1 Scoop MSM Powder or MSM Joint (natural sulfur to rebuild muscles, body collagen matrix and joint protector)
  • Whole Banana, Apple or other fruit (Juice or sports drink is of next value)
  • Wait an hour then,
  • Have a complete whole meal (Protein, Complex Carbohydrates and Healthy Fats)

You can add the powdered supplements to a shaker bottle and have in your gym bag. Just add filtered or alkaline ionized water and shake for one minute. You will be so amazed at how much progress you’re now making! Use these meal plans as a general guideline and combine them with the proper muscle development workout plans and you’ll be harder and bigger than you ever were.


Get Natural Supplements In Bulk

What I personally do is purchase these natural supplements in bulk and mix them myself. I save a ton of money and can control the quality of what is going into my body. I use one serving of each 40 minutes before I workout, and one serving of just the hemp protein, creatine, nitric oxide and maca immediately after my workout (and sauna if you can do it) routine.


I try to always choose natural organic as much as is available. Also products that are sustainably produced (if they are from an animal source, that they are free range, organic, and humanely treated). That is so important because of the impact on life in general and also the type of energy that you are taking into your own body.


Products that are sustainably and humanely produced have much higher vitamin, mineral and energy (photon) levels. You get the benefit of the highest and best quality of molecules ending up in your own body. You will appreciate this when it is crunch time!

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