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 Has A Florida Woman Discovered The Fountain of Youth?


Meet Annette Larkins

70 year old annette larkin


At first glance, you may wonder what all the fuss about her looks is really about. She obviously looks like a very attractive 30-40 something woman, who probably works out and eats well, right? WRONG! She’s currently over 70 years old (2012) and has such an even skin tone, with few wrinkles or blemishes. She has a figure that will stop a clock and has boundless energy and stamina. She can probably outrun you, and outlast you in many fitness routines. She is also internally healthy. 


She is the author of Journey to Health, and even has a DVD on how to experience the Fountain of Youth for yourself. Watch her brief story and then learn how you can easily do the things she does and reap the rewards of a healthy and fit body, mind and spirit.


She has been featured on a national television broadcast. You can see that interview here below: 

Holistic Aging vs Natural Aging

So, how is she accomplishing this magnificent feat of maintaining her youthful vigor, ageless beauty and radiant health? She credits it to her nutritional regimen. She began adding natural organic fruits and vegetables into her daily diet plan. She then began eating more and more of then in their natural raw state. What that does is gives you the whole profile of vitamins, minerals and co-factors, particularly the enzymes that are lost when cooked. It’s those some enzymes that become deficient as we age, so we don’t get the nutrition out of those foods, only the calories.

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The above picture is of Annette and her husband, yes husband. (They’re about the same age)


Adding Fruits and Raw Vegetables to Your Diet

Does adding fruits and raw vegetables really slow the aging process in the body? It appears that way. One thing that I have noticed personally is that when I include raw vegetables and fruits into my daily diet, that my skin gets clearer, my eyes get brighter, my energy is higher and my mind is clearer. I can even workout longer with more pep. The key is to eat organic! Pesticides from traditional produce (non-organic or GMO) actually damages your genes and DNA, whereas organic produces strengthens your genes. It really does add years to your life, and life to your years.


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So, how can you do this for yourself, and look many years younger? Here’s how I did it myself, and am getting those very same benefits – by juicing my raw organic fruits and vegetables. I get all the enzymes, vitamins, minerals and anti-aging co-factors in a way that tastes good and is filling. I now do this almost every morning and my body is looking and feeling better than it has in years. And I’ve always worked out regularly, so just the juicing has helped me tone up (my body and skin). 

Juicing for Health and Longevity

The best way to do this is to find a local farmer’s market close to where you live. Then look for organic produce, or Certified Organic. Organic means no pesticides and no genetically engineered viruses inside of them. It’s been proven that GMO’s pesticide creating bacteria continue to live and produce more toxins inside your digestive tract. It leads to leaky gut syndrome, chronic inflammation all types of chronic diseases. Go organic and bypass all those nasties.


Get the best juicer you can find. I recommend that you get at least a 1,000 watt juicer (either a Cuisinart or Breville) because they can juice Kale and most of the hard leafy greens that have the cancer fighting, muscle, bone, and tendon building, and nutrition. For more information visit Juicing for Health.


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